Reproduction of a high price menu! Leek dish incredibly 150 yuan

Qingdao shortly before the emergence of a lobster has received 38 yuan, as can be imagined, sitting for phenomenon is terrible. Now reproduction of a high price menu, so go on, do the food and beverage industry franchisee how to grasp the consumer point of view? Let’s see what happens.

1 10, a media reporter contacted the The Thatched House Hotel Pizhou. Hotel staff said that the price of the ticket is a system error. Fried leek as originally as long as 15 yuan, the dish fried leek, paid $12." Hotel staff said that when the guests are ready to find the total price is high, to the hotel to a list and found this mistake. That night the guests drank, and for this reason unhappy. The hotel was made an apology to the guests at the same time, relief part of the cost. "Even if the guest was paying the bill, we found out later, and would find a way to get the money back to him.

the hands or try to avoid the error does not appear as well, when it comes to the big point, directly related to the sustainable development of the catering industry in relation to the shopkeeper said little, doing business in good faith, both consumers and franchisees should be cautious as well.


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