85 after college students to go home when the pig Commander

is now the economic downturn, poor employment environment makes more thinking of the college students to join the home, home building, another way to win the wealth of life.

5 23, learned from the Zhuxi Youth League, the day before the county college-graduate village official Long Tao founded the "Qinba pig farmer cooperatives" by the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of Agriculture named "2014 farmer cooperatives in Hubei Province youth demonstration community", the only one award.


2011, he learned that the old varieties of local black pig, has strong adaptability, strong reproductive capacity, lean meat, fresh non greasy meat etc.. After that, he went through market research and found that the pork favored by consumers. Thus, the acquisition of 35 high priced local black pig. Through the three generation of hybrid breeding, breeding excellent varieties of Zhuxi black pig.

about method to protect the black pork quality, long Tao confidently: unified food and by-products (corn, soybeans, wheat bran, rapeseed) and green feed, disable the commercial feed and hormones, auxin, additive, to pigs to natural growth for 12 months, then slaughtering and packing listed.

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