How to solve the problem of strong dependence on retail stores

there are a lot of shops will be in a place to open a shop, what is valued is the local traffic, such as a village, a school or a factory. However, these guests are likely to change, if the store has been very strong dependence, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. So, how to solve the problem of strong dependence on retail stores?

retail customers retail stores in the outskirts of the town of Zhou Jian, facing the main road, retail stores across the country of large enterprises are located, there are two workers, three thousand people, backed by the village, the location is very good. Usually, the store’s customers mainly from the factory workers in the village, and by customer week boss rarely look in the eye, backed by a good shade tree, tourists do not have to worry about is. In order to win over the workers in the enterprise, Zhou boss’s sales policy to the factory workers to give a great tilt, and arbitrariness.

for some of the village or by the customer, the boss week service attitude and mode of operation have changed a lot, not only bad attitude, but also on get retail reputation is not good. Later, the extension of the enterprise, the factory moved to the new plant, with the gradual withdrawal of workers, Zhou boss’s business has gradually depressed, past scenery is gone forever. To this end, Zhou boss is very distressed.

analysis of

analyst: retail customer Wu Dongliang

as the saying goes, "business is no size, and all comers are tourists."". Sometimes, to do business at all, our retail customers own short-sighted, caused by the snobbish. The owner of the business week just stares at opposite enterprise these customers, which is what we call the key customers, while ignoring the other customers, therefore, this kind of key customers once what wind sways grass has a direct impact on, retail store, and some are even a devastating blow, so by this kind of retail stores diversionary customers large.

coupled with the boss of this policy tilt, develop a sense of superiority of such customers, and hurt the hearts of other customers. Therefore, in the process of shop engage in business, the customer is the best alike, not like the way the boss weeks artificially the customers are divided into various grades and ranks, the ultimate victims or their.

peer weapon: retail customers Yongchao


open a retail store, is not an easy thing, we must be careful to treat retail customers. In dealing with customers, it is best to do a little rational, do not have a close to their close relatives. The guests are all guests, are to do your business, then you have the same enthusiasm for them. Not like a week as a boss, with just staring at those workers in large enterprises, put them as God, and to other customers who abandon >

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