How to join the restaurant

good food and beverage brands can not only make good dishes, but also allows us to appreciate the strong flavor of the food culture. Such a brand must be worthy of your investment, such as home catering.

"home full" from its name on the thick smell of home, home feeling, the warmth of home. Home to the "home" for the delicious, is to give customers "warm home" feeling, because the home is a warm and sweet words, home is synonymous with comfortable natural.

Chongqing jiaquanju diet culture (Group) Co. Ltd. is a leading, catering for the franchise, training, breeding base, logistics and distribution integrated entity based enterprises, under the brand name "home chicken soup" and "spicy Chongqing red" and "red hot cloud", "happy farm". Jiaquanju wide set of folk dishes, Sichuan, Guangdong and coherence were self-contained, with its careful and strict scientific management, innovative and unique business philosophy and to ensure that the green, healthy and tasty principle, has won the Chinese Cuisine Association and China quality Miles awarded the "national green food enterprises" and "quality credibility double satisfaction unit" in 2006 by the Chongqing Municipal Committee awarded the "integrity of franchise chain enterprise" in 2007 by the central six ministries jointly awarded the "national food safety demonstration unit", and dozens of dishes get Chinese feast, Chinese dishes, and other provincial and municipal and national awards in various competitions catering. The company took the lead through the review of the Ministry of Commerce, the national first batch of franchise qualifications (Ministry of Commerce franchise record number: 5007000020) the company currently has a large Chinese food outlets, more than and 40 chain stores. Total business area of more than more than 40 thousand square meters, the total number of employees up to more than 3 thousand people, in 2009 was named " China’s top 100 catering enterprises " annual output value of more than 460 million yuan.

jiaquanju always adhere to the "people-oriented, serving the public" characteristics of business philosophy, adhere to the "management system, along with humanity" management philosophy, the original "inverted Pyramid" mode of management, and become the most influential brand catering catering industry.

companies adhere to market brand and innovation combined with the road, has long been the majority of consumers love, under the general manager’s Office (Planning Center), the center for human resources, financial monitoring center, franchise center, direct management center, construction support center, food research and development center, green ecological breeding and processing base, logistics distribution center of permanent establishment to ensure efficient operation of enterprises.

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