Day and night business restaurant rich prospects fire

many "owls" favorite "feeding", so the night out restaurant at night, business is thriving, easy to gather high popularity, highly recognized by the market. According to the "Owl" group, a 24 small business delicacy restaurant must have a market.

"running a restaurant for 24 hours before midnight * business is not easy, make money, if not before midnight tourists, is certainly a loss." According to the owner of a 24 hour restaurant in Hebei District, said, at present, it is business hours from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.. In addition, rely on ordinary days, dry food at night sure the game must wait until the holidays have a business."

1 tips:

"operating 24 hours to see the restaurant operating costs, gross margin than the night business business can reach 60% to 70%, much higher than during the day, but if the passenger does not come, the average cost is too high, sometimes at night only one or two tables of guests, only a few yuan * *, even the night staff the cost of all. For example, open a 24 hours of hot pot restaurants, if you want to maintain profitability, every night after 12, at least to ensure that there are 10 tables of consumer spending." A restaurant manager who has been practicing 24 hours of service for the past 3 years told reporters.


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