n the passenger siege effect how to do a good job of holiday promotions

although the golden week has passed, but I believe that many of the owner for such a prime time consumption is impressive. Some shops have a good grasp of the opportunity to make a lot of money, and some shops despite the preparation, the effect is difficult to satisfy themselves. This year "eleven" golden week, Ji’nan Liberation Road on a small supermarket had had enough strength to fight. Did not expect that the results are not satisfactory.

originally, this shop opened more than half a year, usually the customer to the neighborhood residents. Before the boss, Mr. Chen took daily Beizu, ready to take advantage of the holiday promotion, can not think of, during the festival, many old customers travel, daily sales is not ideal. But he did not expect is that many tourists near the hotel to buy the specialty goods, he can only shake their heads and because of the lack of supply.

in fact, many retail owners like Chen boss, with a strong sense of holiday marketing, but not on the basis of the analysis of the characteristics of the festival and its own characteristics on the basis of".

is different from other festivals, during the eleven, local customers, old customers due to travel, visiting relatives and other factors, the store rate is often not high. In contrast, the proportion of foreign tourists is larger, this passenger siege effect is particularly prominent in the famous tourist city. Chen boss failed because there is no breakdown of the festival during the passenger segment marketing.

so, in the passenger "siege" prominent areas, holiday promotions in the end how to do? Do you want to give up the promotion strategy for local customers, the main tourist promotion?

in my opinion, these two are not contradictory.

In fact,

is one of the important promotional period. Since a lot of people will choose to go out during the holiday season, then why not carry out promotional activities before the holiday, the customer is about to go ahead of the lock? Before the holiday, shopkeepers can increase investment, strengthen propaganda, increase the profit margin, according to local customer sales "door" opened in advance. Can advance card, but also can advance the false start, can circumvent commonly used commodity sales competition, but also for other types of merchandise to open the market, to seize the initiative.

before the promotion, retail businesses can set off another wave of sales boom during the holiday season, target groups outside of customer satisfaction, but also according to the consumer demand for foreign reserves, local specialty goods, creating distinctive marketing service brand. For example, the availability of cost-effective, distinctive specialty products, packaging and quality; provide courier services, facilitate foreign guests carry etc..

in addition, according to different consumer groups, promotional activities in the promotion should be adjusted. For example, in the face of local regulars.

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