Analysis of brand advantage Chinese baking

wants to open a bakery? Do you know Chinese baking shop? Do you think I will introduce you to Chinese baking brands, "China bakery shops" is such a brand, has a broad market prospect, agglomeration advantages of brand, consumers trust the brand.

baking industry market outlook

the past two years, Chinese cake of bread market is developing rapidly, large supermarkets, residential areas, railway stations, schools around the business district has every kind of Cake Bakery, pastry and bread in China in 2013 the market size reached 77 billion yuan, of which the cake market reached 36 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%.

the annual per capita consumption capacity of baking market in China is only about 4Kg, the per capita consumption in developed regions such as Europe reached 70Kg, of which the per capita consumption reached 84Kg. In terms of per capita consumption of bread, Taiwan reached 9-10Kg, while China’s per capita consumption of bread is only 1.8Kg, we can see that China’s bakery and other baked goods market there is a huge room for growth. The annual national bakery market capacity growth rate of nearly 30% in the western region, the growth rate even reached 50%, with a cake shop has gradually become the popular trend of investment.

It is very important for

to open a good shop! Speak with the sales performance, China baking shop success rate as high as 99.32%


century French brand, exquisite baking process

Chinese baking use top French Roast traditional craft boutique, French romantic heritage, the strict management system, pay attention to the production of sophisticated fine materials, delicious products for customers gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Product positioning in the high-end, affordable, 5 series category, bread, cakes, pastries, cakes, water, more than 800 kinds of products, more professional team constantly develop new products to meet customer desire, follow the market trend, not to follow the beaten track. Multi – directional brand publicity, the popularity started, walking in front of the market, to join the protection!

to meet customer demand for taste and taste

Chinese famous source to love baking baking industry, I hope to share with more people roasted delicacy. Selection of products at home and abroad, the top raw materials, human services, and strive to create a home like warm feeling. Comfortable warm store decoration, so that the whole shop looks bright warm, is a very pleasant place to relax. The window display cakes like artwork is exquisite, make people unable to hide greeds.

differentiated business to cater to the tastes of consumers across the country


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