2000 degrees of myopia man called the wrong people fell into a homely food

people with good eyesight glasses do not understand people’s pain, and a man in Hejiang County 2000 degrees of myopia, said small can not understand his world is how fuzzy. The man often called the wrong people stumble, now he has been receiving treatment!

3 15 July, Huaxi City Reader reporter saw 33 year old Yao Ba Zhen Liu Daming in Hejiang county hospital ward (a pseudonym), currently has the right eye surgery. From the outside, it is completely out of sight before the eyes are close to 4000 degrees of myopia, when looking at people is also very normal, the eyes do not seem to wear glasses for a long time and deformation.

glasses called the wrong person not blunder is common

due to eye myopia continues to rise, Liu Daming glasses is not always enough, "in general, I wear glasses from the eyes of the actual degree of monocular bad four or five Baidu, that is to say, I put on my glasses or eight or nine Baidu myopia." He is very helpless, because a lot of times to glasses, also difficult to find suitable lenses.

"in addition to sleep, have to wear glasses, or feeling and blind." With familiar people on the road, sometimes mistake, so that he was very embarrassed. Even if the glasses eyesight is not good, he stumbled on it, it is a year for homely food, sometimes several pairs of glasses. Even affect his love, has not been married before, but now has a girlfriend.

The doctor warned

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