Do you know the ten steps of venture capital coffee shop

in the Chinese coffee now is not what luxury products, as everyone can afford the product, in China demand is very large, now coffee is more and more welcomed by consumers, the investment to join a coffee shop can be said to be the dream of many investors, at present, the development prospects in the market is very optimistic about the investment in a coffee shop, coffee shop can be said to join the investment is of great market potential investment projects, so that investment to join the coffee shop and what steps you need? Let us first to know about the need to open a coffee shop step.

investment into the coffee shop requires the following steps:

first, determine the content of the coffee shop management and target consumer groups, site selection, site selection, site selection.

two, make plans, give the company the name, design company logo.

three, ready to invest in equipment to collect a variety of equipment specifications.

four, in the industry and commerce, health, fire, tax department registration, registration.

five, calculate the start-up funds.

six, buy coffee machine equipment: coffee machine, grinding machine, etc..

seven, design coffee list.

eight, looking for coffee suppliers, dairy suppliers, spices and other food suppliers, other non coffee drinks, paper products, appliances, etc..

nine, develop marketing plans, hire employees, prepare training materials.

ten, ready stock, ready to start.

in addition to the above said nine points, the last point is also very important, investment in coffee shops is not so easy, in the latter part of the business will encounter more difficulties, we must advance understanding, understanding the issues about the need to pay attention to open a coffee shop, only to know in advance to note on the coffee shop, and to open a coffee shop of the preparatory work, project investment to join such a coffee shop business must be good, the above ten steps are about to open a coffee shop, I believe will give investment to join the coffee shop friends to bring some help.

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