What a good project to open a costume shop also make money

clothing market has been very popular, but also a lot of investors first choice of business sectors, industry competition is very big, want to gain great competitiveness, we must choose the creative, so as to attract the attention of consumers, business success is not hard to achieve. For example, open shop costume is very good. A statistical data of

index of money input: rent a neighboring street pavement, an area of about 20 square meters. Store decoration about 9000 yuan; the first into the purchase price, $10 thousand; purchase of operating equipment around 3000 yuan; other expenses of about $5000 / year.

in costume design should be its cultural connotation and modern consumption habits combine to reflect China Tang Dynasty cultural taste, but also take care of consumer psychology and aesthetic tendency of modern people. You can also consider tailor-made for the guests, so that each guest’s consumer needs can be met.

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