The smoke cabinet is brighter to make business more prosperous

although every business operators want their business to flourish, but after all, the industry is very competitive, if you want to thrive, naturally also need to master more business skills. Hot summer weather, shop operators must maintain store good sanitation, such as indoor ventilation, air cool, no smell, shelf scientific and rational layout, product display orderly, clean the floor etc.. As a cigarette retail households, we must be careful to maintain the cleanliness of the cabinet, the brightness, so that customers refreshing, increasing consumer desire, to increase the vitality of the off-season operations.

position to eye-catching

supermarket tobacco counters, generally in the business place entrance, eye-catching location, can attract the attention of customers, the convenience of customers to buy. But I found that some convenience stores, grocery stores, wholesale department and other entertainment places, due to business area restrictions or other reasons, the smoke cabinet position is not visible, the customer into the store can not be found. Some people say: customers buy cigarettes and smoke cabinet position is not significant relationship.

I feel that this is not the correct understanding, the need for timely correction. Because standing in the customer’s point of view, when you smoke cabinet position is not eye-catching, and even hidden in an inconspicuous corner, the customer will have such a feeling: this store business is not good, not the cigarette sales. Perhaps the customer perception is unfounded, are unnecessary, but once they have these ideas and opinions, will reduce the consumption desire. Even if this time to buy cigarettes, the next may go to another store to spend.

shop location is very important. Similarly, in the business place, the location of the cigarette cabinet is also very important. Smart owners have to find ways, Teng space, clever layout, the smoke cabinet placed in the most eye-catching position in the shop. Visible do not make an unnecessary move, but a scientific truth. To this end, it is recommended that those who do not smoke cabinet position when the owner, be sure to put the cabinet in the correct position to accept the customer’s review, the real play its function and role.

to clean out

smoke cabinet is like a human face. People wash their faces every morning, the smoke cabinet to clean every day. In the daily operation, some shopkeepers think: now tobacco companies, delivery, customer trust is not necessary to genuine goods at a fair price, every day to clean up smoke cabinet. In fact, this is the performance of lazy thinking. Cigarette is a major food category, storage and sales require certain health conditions, can not be piled up. Some customers often put the cigarette on the ground or dark corner, the cigarette sticky dust or damaged moisture, seriously affecting the normal sales.

say cigarette cabinet is small, the effect is quite large, on the one hand, can display cigarettes, attract customers, on the other hand, can play a role in the protection of cigarettes. If you don’t smoke inside cabinet sanitation, scribbling, debris and dust. "

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