Tea chain stores operating methods inventory

tea chain stores have a lot of ways to operate, businesses need to learn to combine a variety of skills, so that the operation has more advantages. If you are not very familiar with this link, you can learn a lot. Small finishing related skills, I hope to help to you, so that you can do worry investment business.

varieties to complete

The requirements of all kinds of

consumers of tea, as operators must adapt to market demand, to achieve complete varieties, determine the main varieties of their own business, can not refuse other varieties, not self enclosed, there should be a tolerant, accepting new varieties. The general store tea varieties of at least more than and 100, Tieguanyin, Phoenix Dancong tea, tea, Pu’er, and high mountain tea is an indispensable main product. Some popular goods can be a little less, leaving the supplier’s address, for a rainy day.

pricing rationalization

tea sales price has been a very difficult problem to solve the pre price is too high, through the role of the media, consumers stop tea". Now due to fierce competition, many people sell too low, and some even lower than the cost price, resulting in vicious competition.

merchandise display order

display of goods directly affect the quality of the tea shop. Different kinds of tea and tea products and related to the reasonable display, first is the classification, such as tea area, Green Tea District, Black Tea District, health tea area, tea area, tea gourmet area, once again, is the grade, consumers at a glance.

improve the overall quality of the salesperson


is the key to the overall quality of tea shops salesperson, the salesperson is tea eyes, improve the overall quality of the salesperson is the key to open shops. As a tea shop clerk, first of all have a good cultural quality, the best one or two foreign language, to master the professional knowledge about tea, including tea varieties, origin, characteristics, quality standard, brewing method, storage method etc..

tea franchise business prospects are hot, so much franchisee attention, especially at the end of the investment enthusiasm is very hot. If you want to seize the good opportunity, you need to learn a lot of useful ways to make your club to meet good business. Do you have any tips to share? Learn quickly!

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