Shops need to master the skills to make money

shop as long as you can master the skills, the same can make business booming, make money. So, for any one operator, the store’s business in the end is good, in fact, is the more important aspects of skills. For this reason, will let the current entrepreneurs have such an understanding: store money need to master skills.

is not afraid of small expertise

wonton is usual snacks, but eat, but large wonton ravioli, Pork and Vegetable Wonton Soup shrimp wonton wonton, who heard could pack the 60 kinds of color!

for the first time into the "gold master wonton shop features", will be scared of the two jump, the first is to see the menu, so many varieties of wonton see dazzling, what Chinese cabbage, celery, shepherd’s purse, letinous edodes, kelp, radish, salted egg yolk, clams, fish…… The second is the end of the bowl of wonton up, just can be called a kind of big bowl of soup bowl, but with the.

lead, let you look to have a sense of satisfaction, scoop up a wonton, particularly large head and full. But the price is not much difference with other stores to 5 yuan, a bowl of $8, supplemented by 10 yuan, $12, $15, to meet the different tastes and needs of the public. In this way, has not eaten, the characteristics have been fully exposed.

"gold master said," the first night snack, often the old diners specially came to eat a bowl of wonton, last year he and his father in the street next door plate, opened a snack shop, specializing in large Pork and Vegetable Wonton Soup, 10 only weighs 8 wonton in half, eat, takeaway business is good to go.

think of so many varieties of ravioli bag? He said, opened a branch, also tried multiple operation, and sell a set, the first half of the result is not ideal, simply obsessed with up to color wonton. This way really to go, "gold master" has opened 13 stores, distribution center, unified procurement, unified stuffing production, uniform delivery, one day can sell more than and 500 kilograms of leather package wonton.


operates only a single type of snack shop area less than 100 square meters, invested about thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan, 8 to 10 months to recover. A kind of ordinary things carry forward, in the future, become the one and only features, how, who can compete with?

do lose money to Qiao Qiao

is the ultimate goal of doing business in order to make a profit, almost no one willing to do business. However, sometimes the interests of not only the eyes directly to see the count, some of the surface of the loss of the business is actually a lot of knowledge can be studied.

small beauty beauty shop has to the closing point. Not hers

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