[marketing scam] to join the Korean socks cheated entrepreneurs please polish your eyes

venture risk, investment need to be cautious. Today, the chain of such a way of operation began to be used by a number of lawless elements, to become the first to join the fee or to sell inferior products. To this end, Xiao Bian here to want to invest in a friend to wake up, take care to join the investment, consulting stakeholders signed a contract in order to rights.

refused to scam not naive;

Beibei after a telephone consultation and after that the manufacturers although the initial fee is not charged, but need 10 thousand yuan deposit, because they want to ensure that the franchisee can according to the company’s so-called division of regional management, and promised to refund the deposit certainly. In order to be prudent, Beibei came to the company in Beijing headquarters investigation. Staff warm reception so that she did not hesitate to drop 10 thousand yuan deposit and a deposit of $4500.

then in the vicinity of the Bohai University Beibei rented a less than 2 square metres of space to open. May this year when Jinzhou is South Korea to sell socks high streets and back lanes, 10 yuan or 3 double 4 pairs or 5 pairs, with a pair of 10-15 yuan last year the market is not the same. Beibei in order not to lose money, barely guaranteed to sell.

since the business is so bleak, may wish to leave to join back 10 thousand yuan deposit. So, she gave the vendors call a few times for staff manager. It was not easy for the manager to receive her, but when she brought up the exit, the manager said the margin of 10 thousand yuan to return to the form of goods that is socks. Beibei nature does not agree, what his 10 thousand dollars into the socks? Beibei wants to resolve through legal channels.

she also lists the franchise contract shall include: the basic situation of both sides; the franchise’s content, type, amount and duration; payment of expenses; the specific content of business guidance, technical support and training services and provided.

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