How to open a gift shop

although the shop has become a common choice in the current business, however, because of the fierce competition, therefore, if you want to get the success of the shop, naturally also need to invest more energy. So, how should the gift shop? Let Xiaobian introduce you through two cases.

in Guangzhou City, the author interviews two beauty boss entrepreneurial story: miss Li Linlin "Kiki" doll invest to open stores in Tianhe District East fangbao Tai shopping mall in Yuexiu District, Xiao Ling Wan Plaza investment in the creation of "Yu Jiaxi" festive gift shop. The same thing, they all focus on service, good recommendation of original products, take the difference in operation of the road, a time two people are more than 3 years. Intense competition in the gift industry, huge investment risk, their business experience, it is worthy of reference.

: a case of Hongkong monthly run quarterly replacements

she opened the first "Kiki" doll shop in 2009, not only because they are Mengjiji fans, but also because of that year she arrived at Hongkong met now, two young people established a relationship after the decision to jointly open a doll shop.

how to open the gift shop? Generally speaking, diversified business seems to have more advantages than single business. But she had several months of market research in Hongkong, found that Hongkong residents love for Chinese expensive figurines, a lot of American, Japan, doll young people, middle-aged people; will buy a dozen a year. But they love are very specific, Lenovo to Guangzhou doll fans around a lot, single business but will bring clear visual impact to the customer, as well, thus starting to see.

facts have proved that in the wholesale market in Guangzhou, a single business is easier to stand out. "Kiki" shop opened, Guangzhou city has become the iconic doll shop to become an independent school, not only to attract many fans, but also cultivate a group of customers.

but for a long time, young customers are fresh, it will ask: how are these goods? Since then, she would go to Hongkong every month to run two or three times, will bring back the new doll.

and services should also pay attention to details, and make friends Kiki fans, can obtain stable VIP group. Kiki has 39 years of history, there are numerous styles, although the store has more than six hundred dolls, but always meet some special guests specified style is out of print or out of stock. Faced with a similar situation, she will be particularly ordered from overseas.

how to develop new customers? Every time they meet a new customer, she will not to mind taking the trouble to tell them Mengjiji history, "personality" and the recommended product categories: Kiki

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