[scene] Wuhan Qunying reported creative admission form

12:30, 1.5 hours and distance of the start of the general assembly, in order to occupy a favorable terrain, many owners have arrived early, in order to be able to bring you a out of the ordinary webmaster general assembly, we arranged a few surprises link. Let’s go to the first surprise zone!

and the usual attendance is different, the webmaster conference every participant was asked for more than a day of the address,

will there be a gift to send it?

can not be issued on site


what is it?

twelve here to buy a child, ha ha, what is temporarily not to say, you guess, guess the


let us continue to look at the next step, this is a special place warrior Ali mother set to all the webmaster heroes, saying what people go down, now is the digital era, of course, can people live. You heroes, come to a

#p# [Wuhan concert live report] creative admission form 1#e#

[03] Wuhan Heroes Live Coverage of heroes play

pictures of pictures

into the hall, in order to more webmaster friends can share this wonderful time, we are a large meeting room can accommodate 500 people. Now has come to many webmaster!


find anything?

Oh, just your photos have run to the big screen

The right side of the

page reads: "I am the hero today! We are really good!

#p# [Wuhan concert live report] creative admission form 2#e#

[04] Wuhan Qunying site reported creative national hi tech Development Zone office director Mr

Wuhan national high tech Development Zone Creative Office Director Chen Huafen speech for the general assembly

Wuhan East Lake national hi tech Development Zone, creative office director Chen Huafen made welcome speech, the Hubei provincial government on the development of the Internet in Hubei Wuhan has become the focus of charge. According to CNNIC and CNZZ authoritative statistics show that in recent years, the rapid development of the Internet in Hubei. The number of Internet users has more than 7 million 200 thousand, accounting for about 3.4% of the total number of Internet users, Internet penetration rate of 12.4%. Hubei site of nearly 36 thousand, accounting for the country’s total of 2.4%. As of December last year, the number of 234116 domain names in Hubei, accounting for 2% of the country, including CN domain name, accounting for 172440 of the country’s total of 1.9%. Since the government began to advocate and support the strategy of the rise of the central region, standing in the forefront of the Internet era of information industry is also the most rapid response, the most rapid development.

over the years, the emergence of a number of outstanding Internet IT Hubei celebrities, far-reaching influence on the development of the Hubei network has made proud of the

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