360 security center Tencent SOSO part of the promotion link was Trojan


360 security center: Tencent search for the promotion of the three links to the Trojan site

sina science and technology news September 22nd morning news, according to the 360 security center, said Tencent SOSO part of the search has been used to promote the spread of Trojans, users should be careful to click.

according to the 360 security center detected, the use of Tencent SOSO search "simple treasure box", the top three search results all point to the Trojan virus, are criminals counterfeit "treasure box" website for the trojan website, but these search results all indicate the "search for the promotion of Tencent". This link can spread Trojan DNF, Denon eight and other popular games. Due to the DNF game and QQ account to open up, the victim’s QQ will also be stolen.

according to the 360 security center said that before the "simple treasure box", also has other Tencent using search promotion malicious web site was intercepted. For example, search WOW, Warcraft plug-ins, journey 2, box, iPhone4 key words, search results to promote position of Trojans and phishing sites.

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