Shenzhen battle overseas customer service service, cross-border electricity supplier salon training

exclusive sponsored by mierkat cross-border "sea cat" is to speak it, share of cross-border electricity supplier development status and trends and practical for the purpose of the activity, each activity will invite cross-border electricity supplier in the field of big coffee at the scene, to bring their ideas, share their experiences, to fumble along the way of cross-border electricity supplier small and medium-sized enterprises or sellers to bring inspiration and help the idea of the.

In addition to invite the

salon each big coffee as the keynote speaker, will also invite 30-50 of small and medium-sized enterprises responsible person or cross-border electricity supplier sellers, interactive to the speaker questions, a deeper understanding of the theme salon in the collision. Not only that, if you have good products to promote, or you have good projects need to find resources, or you have high quality products and excellent resources are looking for projects…… The "sea cat" speak it, because you want to, here can achieve


about this salon

now the market, whether domestic or international, have the same dilemma, that is, product homogeneity serious, increasingly fierce competition for customers. In the face of such a market, if you want to be in an invincible position in the market, talent shows itself, in addition to the product, can the fight is the only service, quality of service in order to battle in the market, in order to create a good brand. Cross border electricity supplier business is even more so, buyers and sellers of geographical distance, determines the demand and necessity of after-sales service. Cross-border electricity supplier sellers in the face of consumer complaints, demands the return, only to meet the interests of buyers to obtain from the returned products or directly or destroyed, after transport back to the warehouse, this will lead to increased costs, so if you do direct customer service in overseas, the seller is absolutely beneficial. What’s more, the relationship between overseas service is not only a way out of a brand, it is also related to China’s products, China’s brand in overseas there is no hope and future.

however, stay away from the local overseas customer service service that is easier said than done, is a big problem has been plagued by many China sellers. At present, China cross-border business enterprise or small brands in customer service problems is very simple and crude, but basically is "who who is responsible for selling" lead "in the long run" a professional and systematic customer service service system, if the overseas customer service service, how much is the cost. Small sellers can afford? High priced products overseas customer service is barely feasible, low price products overseas customer service and the third party platform sales decide on what path to follow? In the face of an increasingly large proportion and the EU on the tax management, what are the overseas customer service can properly handle the way? The salon guests will be attracted to answer for you export of cross-border electricity supplier sellers how to lower costs and improve customer service processing products

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theme: looking for cross-border electricity supplier service cost optimal model

time: August 12th 14:00-17:30

location: Shenzhen, Xixiang, Po Yuen Road >

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