Ali mother official interpretation why to freeze the Commission of Taobao cheat

A5 webmaster network ( November 22nd news, recently, a lot of Taobao owners respond to Ali mother frozen Taobao Commission without reason. Today, Ali Mama official micro-blog also announced the crackdown of Taobao customer cheating taking Taobao business commission behavior, and revealed that, as of now, a total freeze off Taobao Ali mother cheating Commission 320 million yuan, and has the full return of Taobao business. While. Prior to this, on why the freezing of Taobao passenger Commission, Ali mother also gave an official explanation.

official explanation is as follows:

recently, there have been some comments on the Internet, said Ali mother freeze Taobao Commission without reason. It is necessary for us to make a clear communication with you. To be sure, all through non legitimate means of taking Taobao business commission, we will resolutely freeze and return the full amount corresponding to Taobao business, we will do all the legitimate rights and interests protection means Taobao business


at the end of 2007, Ali group to build Ali mother Taobao passenger platform, many small sites and millions of businesses to promote the needs of Taobao docking. Help small and medium sites to achieve the value of the same time, to help businesses get more opportunities to promote Taobao. Before, as an important force in the composition of China’s Internet, small and medium sites, personal site is difficult to find a healthy business model. Through 5 years of development, Ali mother has covered nearly 2 million small and medium sites, and help them get good returns.

over the past 5 years, Ali mother to maintain the healthy operation of Taobao guest system, but also gradually establish a set of scientific and perfect anti cheating system.

places of interest, there will be people who move crooked brains loopholes. At the beginning of the year, Ali Mama anti cheat system monitoring to a cheating molecule and the gang through cheating, opened a lot of Taobao Taobao taking customer account provided by the merchant commission. We monitor the Commission to freeze the fraud, and these commissions will be returned to the Taobao business.

then, the rumors appeared on the Internet, Ali mother frozen Taobao Commission without reason, the income of their own pockets. On the contrary, the Alibaba each year put a huge amount of manpower and resources, and improve the prosperity of this platform, and to come up with a lot of sharing and subsidies to encourage Taobao customers and small website. Our goal is to make our business faster development. 2013, Ali mother took 100 million yuan to set up a fund to promote the growth of Taobao customers. Over the past three years, in 2011, Ali mother Commission is divided into up to; in 2012 the Commission is divided into up to 3 billion; in 2013 the Commission is expected to be divided into up to 5 billion.

future, Ali mother will intensify efforts to combat violations, maintaining the healthy development of Taobao passenger market. For the use of improper means to obtain the people, we will not tolerate, will fight for justice means to pursue legal responsibilities. Put this thing in this clear, I hope you can better understand the rumors and the truth.

finally, for some of the rumors on the Internet, we also do a description

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