Amoy Blue Ocean Taobao how to do a good show

open Taobao people know that Taobao is a full-time Taobao car tailored for the seller, click on the effect of the marketing tool to pay for your baby to achieve precise promotion. Want to open a good Taobao, you must first open the train.

Amoy blue ocean today to give you a detailed understanding of the next train

train has the following benefits:

: multi dimensional, full range of various forms of reporting and information to provide a solid foundation for the promotion of baby.

fast: fast, convenient batch operation tool, let baby management process more scientific, more efficient.

: intelligent forecasting tool, train function make baby optimization solution more confidence, confidence.

Province: human nature of the time, regional management, effective control of promotion costs, save time, effort, more cost savings!

well, a preliminary understanding of the train, we say that the problem of train show. A lot of people on the website of the blue ocean to give us a message, I do not know where the train through the show, where the blue ocean today, to give you a comprehensive analysis of it!

general picture visual optimization is the most important part is the first figure goods train, it is consumer understanding of this commodity "start", "the only entrance is the promotion of goods". But do not underestimate this small picture, in fact, there are many design requirements.


1 gold position

called the golden position, is the best hits the best location. The first page of the second page of the 1,2,3,4,13. 18,29. +11 +5.

and so on.The so-called

card, is to occupy the good position.

2 on bid

said the card, then you must understand the Taobao train bid mode.

do you want to go out of the price = your last price * its quality score / your quality score +0.01

for example. You are in the first place with 10 points. Second bid $10, quality score of 8 points. Then you actually pay the money is 8*10/10+0.01=8.01. that you can only pay 8.01 in the first place.

3 on the


for large flow of keywords, such as shirts, such as key words, it is best to put on the second page, because the first page of the competition is too fierce, it means that you will fall soon. On the second page about 18 positions, although it will decline, but the decline rate will be significantly slower. And its click rate is not bad. When the quality score from 10 points down to the time of the 9 points, this time you can put the ranking of a little bit, used to blunt points, when the points go up again, put it back, as long

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