share my personal experience with Taobao

I’m just an ordinary amateur webmaster. I do not score high, income is not much. But I have been very satisfied, never thought about how much income. Because, after all, is an amateur, wages take, how much can earn online. Not too much, not too few. Ha-ha。

today, I would like to say how I do Taobao guest first statement, all for me to do the experience, we are not bragging. Don’t believe or look down upon us this income please drifting away.

first bask in 2012 in January, the income of the screenshot (not yet settled in January). (:



we see, our income is not high, the average daily income is not stable, Taobao customer orders are only more than 1 thousand and 500. Far worse than the master, but certainly stronger than some buddies.

1, I like to promote things that are very cheap, especially those small boutique. A few cents, the kind of money. Like a woman’s hair clips, comb, earrings what. For this kind of goods, I only choose to shop promotion. And this shop, must support the full number of wallet post and other conditions, because few people will buy 10 yuan money to pay 12 yuan freight, right? So, originally the user buy cheap and fun. Block the money to buy things, even if they do not like it does not matter, the return rate of 0. As long as the order is basically successful transactions. And these goods, buy a lot of. According to my experience, a person alone can not buy so much of their own, are generally bought a part of their own, a part of the people. Or a partnership between friends or colleagues. Although cheap, but the bulk of the purchase, then the actual transaction amount is not small. Of course, your guest orders although each is a bit a few cents, but add up to you, this order of income is considerable.

2, I also like to promote those who play special, very low discount brand. Such as Jordan, Anta, OLAY what. We are all familiar with these goods. To promote these things must be cheaper than the physical store. Entities often hit 30 percent off, the shop will have to play the following 50 percent off, or people who buy ah. In addition, this kind of commodity I only promote Taobao mall thing. The reason is very simple, because there must be genuine protection. Although we are doing the network, and users who do not know who, but we want to start the user. In addition, Taobao mall brand brand shop, are more formal atmosphere, pictures are very clear, sales are good, it is easy to follow for buyers that buy! In addition, this kind of goods shop I must choose shipping conditions. I do not want to sell because of the activities of small, hard to bring the buyer because of freight and give up the purchase. In addition, if there are a number of packages under this condition, it may also cause the effect of bulk purchase. Just like I said above.

3, I like to find some good single items

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