Through the car to create the explosion of actual combat Amoy blue ocean core operating methods!


explosion is all sellers wish! Create explosion, many say: natural ranking, introducing more accurate flow, driven by the overall store views, gathered more popularity, reputation, turnover rise, precipitation of old customers and develop new customers. What is the ultimate goal that the explosion of personal opinion, there is a positive feedback to achieve sales and market share, namely sales increased, large market share; in turn, large market share, sales also increased, to achieve sustained and healthy development of the shop.

cool fan in Europe has been seen Yiyi people’s eyes widened. On the market more and more small fresh stores have begun to change the style into Europe and the street fan, in the increasingly fierce market in Europe, was originally fan shop how to occupy a space for one person? The blue ocean Amoy gave you explain a transatlantic Fan Shop explosion road.

a shop introduction

shop type: bazaar shop, two crown. Region: Sichuan, Chengdu. Main category: dress. The model photography style, consistent and fan children, the scenes are generally in the high-grade residential or location. Shop in the baby’s customer price at around 150 yuan.

two, through train promotion strategy

How to plan distribution:

1, account for a total of 8 plans, mainly for the main paragraph plan, deputy push plans, can conditions allow wireless terminal promotion plan and directional promotion or store promotion plan, or test plan for new baby; and in the season during the transition period, the new season separate plans, such as the spring summer promotion, you can open a new test plan in summer. When there are 8 plans, you can increase the new test plan, as well as the word plan or shop plan, according to the account of the promotion model to adjust the allocation of the plan.

2, how to choose a shop: the style is abundant and the shopkeeper need to vigorously promote the baby, concentrate on the promotion of 3-6 baby.

3, basic settings

put on the platform: the station outside the station all put out, because the effect is better than the station outside the station, so the proportion of the station is relatively high, about 120%.

wireless terminal through the proportion of mobile terminal data is not high PC side, so the proportion of about 90%, not more than 100%.

delivery time: usually 0-9 30%, 9-12 100%, 12 – 1 390% points, 1 points -5 points or 6 points 100%, 5 points or 6 points -7 7 or 3090%, 7 or 7 30-11 100% or 105%, 11 -12 70%.

region: foreign Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet do not put.

5, promotion mode: burst mode. Each plan to promote a baby, and gradually increase the consumption >

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