Zhong Zhixin the understanding of viral marketing

viral marketing is a kind of popular network marketing methods, commonly used in Web site promotion, brand promotion, viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, like a virus can spread quickly, so the viral marketing (viral marketing) it is an effective way to disseminate information and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost do not need network marketing costs. Simply put, and the legend of a ten, ten hundred nature is the same. This I think we must also know better than me, I also turned about.

I will simply talk about my understanding of viral marketing:

1, users become your "source": users can provide valuable and very good products or services for users, to help you free on the Internet, the most important condition is that the user itself to your product or service is feeling very good, this will help you spread favorable information

2, do their own "source": the need to design a mode of transmission can be achieved, such as the use of instant communication tools such as MSN, QQ, or send a message, send a message, as long as a start can be easily realized, can also go to the famous forum, or what products or services the website source, such as the famous Tianya forum, Sina blog diffusion effect.

3, combined with the hottest topic on the Web: the easiest enthusiasm can inspire all people is a hot topic, believe this attack have the experience, take the Spring Festival for example, in the spring before, what is the hottest? Spring Festival Gala, around this one; the end of Spring Festival then, what is the hottest? One is the secret magic, ha ha; so many examples, as long as careful observation will appear. Of course, there are a lot of ways, I did not find it, welcome everyone in my (Zhong Zhixin, search engine search is the first one, after do not know) blog comments, views.

is more than I see most of my friends do method of viral marketing on the Internet, but they are the "source" is a good virus, is that their products and services such as how good, but we don’t know what kind of content on the network now fast propagation of a few examples? Xi Li Ge, Shoushou, Feng, door and so on, these are all examples of network overnight. What have you found? Oh, I will not say, you are so clever certainly know, quote the spring mountain uncle’s words, ten thousand words omitted here.

I think we do viral marketing, this "source" does not necessarily say that their products and services are good, you have not thought about what you harm, last year’s example, Tencent, 360 of these examples China a lot, there is a saying there is reason Good news goes on crutches qiuckly. Use this sentence on the web

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