Buy site polarization acceleration industry reshuffle will open the curtain

experienced advertising war, the capital of the winter and layoffs haze, buy site reshuffle increasingly approaching.

The latest 800 group

group purchase industry data show that in August the group purchase industry’s "million club" members increased to 7 seats, respectively, handle network, the U.S. group, full network), Wo Wo Group, public comment group, 24 coupons and glutinous rice nets which handle network, the U.S. group, Wo Wo Group and other 13 major group purchase website in 204 the city launched a total of 73 thousand and 100 group purchase activities, an increase of nearly 54% in July 47 thousand and 500.

according to iResearch monitoring data, since March 2011, from China’s network group purchase market daily coverage and monthly visits ranked ten before the group purchase website, maintain all monthly visits and the proportion is about 80%.

and more small and medium buy site is still struggling online life and death. 800 monitoring, about 12% of the local group purchase website for more than one month no update, and another 4% sites for system maintenance or other reasons to suspend business, mostly to local small workshop style website mostly, closure of small local site has more than 300.

group of 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that the domestic market turmoil has group purchase from the muddy structured "cocktail": a second tier city station are entrenched, suction gold strength further increased; the local station and vertical stations continue to sink, most small group purchase site has been closed or by transformation.

small group buy: difficult forward

shuffling and not only in Chinese. According to buy information aggregation website statistics, in the United States 530 group buying site will be nearly 1/3 (about 170) buy site has been closed or sold. Even some of the larger companies, such as Facebook and Yelp, was originally intended to take advantage of the number of users to launch a group buying business, has recently announced to give up.

buy the kind of early rely on a domain name, find a few businesses discount grassroots practices, has become the past.

to change the flow of advertising is an important way to buy. Public data show that the U.S. group net advertising budget is 130 million yuan, rice net 200 million yuan, Groupon up to 550 million yuan, even 8 years since the founding of little advertising also plans to spend $300 million ~4 billion for the group purchase advertising. In the advertising war, website and search engine keywords and website navigation pushed up prices, leading to a comprehensive promotion cost of the electronic commerce rose 30%~50%, has obviously exceeded the tolerance range of small group purchase website.

group purchase website Jukui is a common phenomenon, and the lack of self ability and the capital market is cautious, will force the "no small group purchase website".

currently, buy the industry’s gross margin has been reduced from the original 15% to 20% >

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