So many models, which in the end is the correct position of the used car electricity supplier

used car electricity supplier hot let many enterprises "as the spring breeze comes suddenly, pear blossoms", the industry has a variety of business models, which can be made in the size of the transaction is not the mainstream industry enterprises. C2C, C2B, B2B, many models to see people dazzled, then in the end which model more prospects?


note: after the car market gradually become lively, titanium media also stepped on this trend has been repeated reports. We launched the car after the market trend, maintenance industry segment, titanium media author Nammyeong a shark has carried on the analysis to the current second-hand car business model. This market is already being paid more and more attention, and we also welcome more contributors to participate in the discussion.

at the turn of the year, second-hand car business can suddenly become hot

January 13th, Jingdong and Tencent jointly invested $1 billion 550 million in BITAUTO, Jingdong got years of the car dealer BITAUTO resources, this year will force electricity suppliers in the automotive, aimed at ten billion level. At the end of December last year, second-hand car trading platform for all vehicles to complete the B round of financing, a new $20 million round of financing from the sources of venture capital and Lei Jun Department of Shun collar for capital investment.

back, 58 city announced 58 second-hand car formal access to second-hand car evaluation platform of network worms. The fair online line "fair car", claimed to invest $100 million into the second-hand car field. Alibaba are unwilling to remain out of the limelight, before Taobao announced a high-profile on-line second-hand car trading platform.

giant approach reflects the huge potential of the used car market. According to Analysys International has just released a report in 2014 China second-hand car business volume of 605 thousand and 200, the transaction amounted to 34 billion 30 million yuan, the old platform car easy to shoot, shoot excellent letter and open new for the top three. In 2014 set off the upsurge of investment and financing of automobile business industry, on the second-hand car business financing more than 10, and nearly 50% of the investment and financing of more than $10 million in the next few years, second-hand car business transaction scale will continue to grow rapidly.

C2C, C2B, B2B who plays more?

however, second-hand car business is hot for many enterprises "as the spring breeze comes suddenly, pear blossoms", the industry has a variety of business models, which can be made in the size of the transaction has not yet mainstream industry enterprises. For example, all vehicles, Eslite excellent car, the car without attention to C2C mode, open a new second-hand car, the car set treasure, etc. C2B is the main mode of the safety car. Car easy to shoot, excellent letter shoot, enjoy the car is B2B mode. Schumacher, AKD is B2C. So which model is more promising in the future?

we look at a second-hand car from the hands of the hands of the car to buy a car in the hands of the people, need to experience the production (C2B), circulation (B2B) and consumption (B2C) three stages. In this >

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