Local customs traced blocked overseas purchasing Shanghai customs responded false

recently, the Internet broke many across the country and overseas purchasing goods customs complaint message, not to return, the clearance is too slow, some also appealed to the buyers as soon as possible to shoot, to the end of the year will become increasingly difficult. The fact that this is true, Shanghai customs, told reporters: there is no introduction of new regulations, the General Administration of Customs announcement is normal supervision. For taxable goods, the imposition of import duties in accordance with the law is not a ‘seizure’."

"the national customs seized a large number of international parcel ban overseas purchasing!" recently, this article spread in the WeChat circle of friends, a time of purchasing and buyers feel insecure. Not only Suzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Haikou, Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Dalian have been "informed" import tax, international mail was detained in Shanghai also increased, not surprisingly in the gun ". A netizen wrote: This is the Shanghai customs today buckle goods, customs warehouse is said to have doubled in Shanghai, dedicated cargo deduction." It was also accompanied by a plan of packing up a hill. In addition to complaining about purchasing, sea Amoy consumers also have people feel slow or clearance card, but also some people suspect that this is a marketing strategy for purchasing them to the buyers as soon as possible to take goods. So, the presence of the recent situation of Customs consolidation


white-collar Miss Shen part-time overseas purchasing has been a few years, she felt since October customs clearance speed really slow down, but not seasonal factors, in previous years has not met. Mainly cosmetics, skin care products such a relatively high price of goods, cheap snacks are more normal." Miss Shen said that the sea Amoy goods mainly stuck in the clearance of this link, the speed is slow. In addition, she also found that different parts of the package also has the difference, from the close of the Japanese customs clearance speed; Australia package before the customs clearance is generally only 7 days, and now faster also need 10 days, much to the first half of the month is not unusual.

often from Japan’s Amazon sea Amoy small land also believes that Japan’s parcels affected little. "At the end of September I bought a skincare, immediately to the national day. Recently bought a magazine, but also two or three days to the."

a transport company official told reporters recently, people feel a lot of cargo customs detained policy changed, perhaps related to the customs in September the implementation of the document, but the daily is such treatment, and no clear to "more rigorous" customs clearance speed by the individual user focus may give more strict feedback the impression, but actually does not have what problem.

response customsWhat are the "experience" of the parcel after the entry of


"the parcel post entry gone?" "my package how to stay in the customs so long?" for everyone’s curiosity, Shanghai Customs said the parcel after the entry through three major aspects: domestic postal (International Bureau of entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments to mail sterilization and perform the inspection and quarantine procedures, followed by the customs the inspection), domestic central post office and post office postal grassroots territory >

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