History of the most technical content of the website promotion approach

On the Internet there are so few words spread: put a stall at the end of 80s, will be able to become wealthy, but many people do not believe that at the end of 90s; a website, can become a star, but very few people to try. By twenty-first Century, a lot of people have tried, but found that the site, the money is not so easy to earn.  , however, there are still a lot of individual owners have to join the tide of the Internet, eager to become a bright one day spray.       online also popular sentence: flow is money! This sentence is whether to have huge capital portal website attracted entrepreneurial venture burn, or small personal website, almost is a truth". Especially in the Internet environment with Chinese characteristics, traffic is an indicator, a symbol of victory. Many of China’s notorious rogue software, plug-ins, viruses, there are quite a number of reasons is due to the pursuit of traffic generated by some sites.   flow rate, flow! How to make your site to improve? This is almost every individual owners to eat and sleep are thinking about the problem.   in previous years, the domestic Internet users are not many, just learn to surf the Internet is also mostly rookie. At this time some malicious plug-ins or rogue software came in handy. "Inexperienced" netizens have strokes, the most remarkable characteristic is: the home computer was forced to a website, or a web browser popup. The famous web site hao123, 265, and so is the start of the.   however, good times don’t last long with the Internet users more and more knowledge, and move more, "immunity" is also enhanced, some heresy cannot obtain the ideal effect. Moreover, since last year, the voice of the anti rogue software wave after wave, and even set up an anti malware alliance". In this context, the use of rogue means to deceive the flow, and even may violate the law.   since the non conventional means has not, that person can only "to be honest", return to normal promotion means.   the so-called normal, is harmless, will not let users objectionable, the webmaster can confidently even be proud of. Here I simply said several, you must also by heart.   the most common: friendship connection, advertising exchange; most in need of energy: the forum, blog, QQ, mail promotion; the most direct: do some advertising in some of the price is not high on the website; most can achieve effect: to the website, improve website stickiness, let a user tell B users; most in need of technical content: do the site search engine optimization (which is often said that the SEO, Baidu, GOOGLE) to help you pull flow.   what kind of way? The answer is: yes!   with the gradual popularity of RSS, large and small sites have put a RSS subscription icon or XML icon on the page, do not look down on this small icon, the use of good, and sometimes can give!

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