ndustry and Commerce intends to online shopping 7 days no reason to return, the rules do not refund

sina science and technology news February 5th afternoon news, the State Administration for Industry and commerce website today released the network to buy goods seven days no reason to return guidelines (Draft), and to the public for comments.

said the State Administration for Industry and commerce, 2014 started the implementation of the new "law" in the online shopping and other new forms of consumption, the establishment of the seven days no reason to return system, increase consumer rights protection, to further improve the network trading environment, strengthen the network management duty, has played a positive role in promoting.

in view of the seven days no reason to return the principle of the new regulations, the "law" in the implementation process, there have been some new situations and new problems. There is a different understanding of the scope of the nature of the goods should not be returned, not on the transaction process does not apply no reason to return the product are clearly marked, no "one to one" confirmation, easily lead to consumer disputes. The two is the standard definition of the goods in good condition is controversial, some of the operators for consumers open the packaging inspection of goods and no reason to refuse to return, even the packaging requirements must be complete, the goods shall not be opened trial. Three is the network trading platform provider failed to perform on the platform operators no reason to return the implementation of the provisions of the management responsibilities. Four procedures for the return of the link is not detailed. In this regard, all sectors of the community have asked the government departments on the seven days no reason to return system refinement.

the announcement of the draft, clearly not return according to the commodity nature of the product range, defines the connotation and standard of goods in good condition, no reason to return the refinement procedure, strengthen the electronic business operators responsibility, and refine the consumer dispute resolution mechanism.

rules to consumer made goods, perishable goods, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products, the delivery of newspapers, journals will not apply no reason to return within seven days". (Li Yingnan)

attached 1: the network to buy goods for seven days no reason to return guidelines (Draft) full text:

network to buy goods seven days no reason to return guidelines


1: General

, the first is to protect the "consumer protection law" seven days no reason to return the specified implementation, define and implement e-commerce operators obligations, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and promote the healthy development of electronic commerce, according to the "consumer protection law" "contract law" and other relevant laws, these guidelines are formulated.

second consumer demand for the purchase of goods through the network, since the date of receipt of goods within seven days can be returned according to law, and no need to explain.

the goods provided by the seller of goods on the Internet do not conform to the quality requirements and shall be returned in accordance with the provisions of article twenty-fourth of the law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests.

third "electronic" as mentioned in these guidelines

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