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small advertisers now have a huge impact on online advertising opportunities. ContextWeb (a text ad) Company in October 17th released the latest ADSDAQ advertising platform. ADSDAQ is a system that allows advertisers and publishers to be able to get together in an open list platform. After the official opening to all publishers, it will be in the exchange of the desktop on the sale of self-service. Even small publishers have access to a quick and easy way to post their own media list. This is also good news for advertisers. "We give advertisers the opportunity to advertise only in the most relevant content of their products," ContextWeb wrote.

ADSDAQ release is particularly welcomed by small publishers. Small sites and blogs to attract Internet users and brand advertisers interested in, this is not a secret. A survey of Media Screen: users in small sites (such as the content of the site or personal blog) advertising on brand and products than in the high flow, the site on the brand and product advertising is more interested in. Small publishers advertise only a small audience of content and blog readers. Through the application of the advertising system, advertisers can use the list of these people to reach a larger audience. ContextWeb’s CEO Anand Subramanian said: "ADSDAQ switching system, for the brand advertisers to provide a wide range of small and high quality content sites. Advertisers can reach consumers on a large scale."

The main features of


this service can help bloggers and publishers customize CPM prices. When the participants at the end of the ADSDAQ transaction, can get the CPM to pay, do not need to make profits, there is no black box operation, no doubt.

no risk. ADSDAQ tag links with other exchange and advertising network settings. That is to say, when you set the CPM for the price, if the ADSDAQ cannot receive your list, it will be from your backup network and exchange platform, such as Google, Adsense, and RightMedia provide services on the label link.

price controls: ADSDAQ provides price controls. BidPrice is for advertisers. AskPrice is for publishers. In the first time both sides can obtain information.

high quality media: ADSDAQ is a high quality media list exchange network. Rather than the exchange network of the residual media list. Because publishers set their CPM price through AskPrice. So ADSDAQ is the first stop for publishers, giving priority to other ad network options. The page level orientation provided by ContextAd is for advertising

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