Chinese and American Shopping Festival contrast Double 11 spike black Friday

(CCTV financial news) this year’s double eleven electricity supplier war, all businesses have been preparing for many days, waiting for this day. 11 hours and 50 minutes, Tmall’s double the amount of $11 turnover of $57 billion 100 million, breaking the 2014 double 11 day trading volume record!

this is the National People’s help Ma wins the richest rhythm? For this year’s double eleven Shopping Festival, whether it is business or buyers, presumably are eager for a fight. And some of the data we’re getting now show that this year may turn out to be a record double eleven shopping year.

According to Nelson, a research firm, 56% of China’s online shopping buyers surveyed by

said they expected to spend more than last year’s $eleven. Last year, Alibaba got $9 billion 300 million in sales and trading volume on the day of the 278 million. This year, Nelson is expected to participate in the double eleven shopping crowd, the average consumption per capita will reach 1761 yuan, than last year rose 22%. In other words, within 24 hours of just two hours, it will create tens of billions of dollars in sales on the platform. These data, even if the United States annual shopping Carnival "black Friday" or the subsequent "cyber Monday", can be said to be far behind.

last year, the United States, black Friday online sales of $2 billion 400 million, while the subsequent network on Monday turnover of $2 billion 650 million, only last year, double the eleven of less than 30%.

so, such spending power is also attracted many overseas brands coveted. Alibaba said that this year, about five thousand overseas brands from around the world will also participate in the twenty-five shopping carnival. Of the five respondents surveyed by Nelson, more than three Chinese customers said they would buy overseas brands. Nelson analysts also said that with the maturity of the China online shopping market, people want to buy more high-quality products, so the overseas brand by Chinese into Chinese electricity supplier market, it will become a development trend. Today, the reporter interviewed the U.S. Meat Export Association, Asia Pacific senior vice president of Joel Haggard, he said, the association will Alibaba and Tmall’s cooperation, with the double eleven began to high quality pork exports to the United States Chinese market, hope to open as an opportunity for online shopping overseas buyers China meat.

U.S. Meat Export Association Asia Pacific senior vice president Haggard: meat is a relatively new category in the China online shopping market, but the vendors and platforms such as Tmall is to add more meat products, the fact that they are favored by consumers, the former is after the technical difficulties from the site should be how to order pork transport to the China family, this challenge took years to resolve, but now the way to frozen meat products to buyers, it is fresh frozen, very fresh.

well, as it is expected to set a record again

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