Ylmf store new action QQ.Net meters jump to 114.

news: November 26th to China enthusiastic owners station this afternoon will be officially revealed, ylmf QQ.NET jump to 114la.com, at the same time earlier and the return of the bid for XP.COM jump to 114la.com.

has many webmaster think, ylmf is wanted by wide net strategy from different channels for 114 more users, in order to consolidate the wind in site navigation station in three position, earlier for Lai Linfeng said the person in charge, buy these domain names back also only is a long-term investment, its value is far greater than the the so-called natural flow.

ylmf from overseas bid for QQ.Net, anecdotal rumors to Tencent and representatives for negotiating the purchase of qq.net, but the Tencent has remained silent, no substantive action. Stationmaster teasing, ylmf move is stealing the Tencent Penguin chicken.

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