China has become the world’s largest nternet market users up to 253 million

as of November 2008, China’s Internet users has grown to 253 million, becoming the world’s largest online market, where online game users reached about 40000000. This reporter learned from the 2008 China ASEAN cultural industry forum in Nanning today.

as of the end of 2007, China’s Internet market reached 10 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of more than 2006 by 61.65%. At the same time, China’s original online games have accounted for 65.1% of the market share. In the government’s strong support, the rapid development of animation industry. 2007 to complete the animated film and television 168, time of up to 41 thousand and 600 minutes.

electric Ministry of Culture Industry Secretary Wang Yongzhang said that the Ministry of culture in recent years, the integration of national cultural resources, the establishment of cultural products, services and investment projects in the cultural industry resources China online, to provide convenient services for all types of social capital into the field of cultural industries. At the end of September this year, Chinese cultural industry network has covered 176 countries and regions.

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