s it the next hundred flowers or Beijing time


in June 16, 2016, which is tomorrow, Baidu made a historic move out 100! This time, Baidu will still be successful? And flowers from the media and the Beijing time, live like done tepid without hot water


before we answer this question, we might as well take a look at another question. Baidu as one of the most influential Chinese users, one of the largest Internet companies, and Sina, NetEase, headlines, Tencent and other Internet giant companies have different


to do a popular metaphor; every Internet user to a man, Sina, NetEase, Internet Co such as headlines, like the man’s wife, information and content rich variety of output per day. Even if the content and information is not the quality of the line, but the user will often open such a site or APP, as if the housekeeper in the wife how to go home or go home. So Baidu, Baidu is actually playing a "Miss" role, only when a man needs, will find Baidu, to solve this or have to go home.


analogy is a bit too much, but it reminds us of something very important. First, such as Sina, NetEase, headlines such sites or APP users sticky, users will often open them. Second, the user needs to find some information will be used when Baidu to search, search information is also to jump to someone else’s Web page. Like men like prostitutes in urgent need, and the more violent, go cleanly, and don’t miss



concluded that Baidu wants to keep users!

so, how to do it? Robin Li and Baidu executives have been trying to solve this problem

if you are the old driver of the Internet, Baidu Hi, Baidu space, Baidu has ah you must use. These are the Baidu Inc want to be used to retain the user’s products, but these products without exception, and not the end.

overwhelmed by the media, can be described as an opportunity for Baidu. Although today’s headlines users, but the content is too complex. Tencent’s Penguin platform has been struggling to imitate today’s headlines, NetEase has insisted that the high forced line. Sina and Sohu and other media platform seems neither fast nor slow. Plus nowadays when the peak of the era from the media, how could miss Robin Li! How can flowers and live time step Beijing footsteps.


actually from the media this one, Baidu has done several attempts. Has launched hundreds of Baidu, Baidu, and the media know daily column, but these columns obviously can not carry Robin Li so ambitious, so, as a game player from the media, we can expect the advent of 100, so.

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