Experience the 5-12 webmaster old A experience

edit: through several days of waiting, we finally witnessed the earthquake the Dujiangyan Station – old A, he in 12 at noon in the Admin5 Adsense nets to finish the article after missing, there appeared 7 days have passed, today he’s personal perspective, describing the day of the earthquake situation to you, old the A editor said now everything is fairly stable, but they experienced life difficult to forget, see too many sad picture, thanks again Admin5 webmaster online has been concerned about him, and in the earthquake disaster victims in the webmaster friends, do stand, reconstruction efforts, everyone heart, together through the most difficult days!

before the publication of this article, first of all thanks to the support of the people of the affected areas of the community and the majority of the people of the most lovable people.

would also like to thank the friends of the Dujiangyan forum about the station since the disaster, thanks to ADMIN5

this article has no flowery words, just a personal experience of a brave man after the earthquake. Has always wanted to publish, but the disaster has not been used on electricity.

on the morning of May 12th, as usual, 8-30 minutes to go to work after finishing the work desk before reading the information. And then managed some of the articles in the Dujiangyan forum www.djy114.net website, and wrote some comments. Because of this site I put a lot of energy, is basically a part of my daily life. At noon with my friend on the outside to eat fried rice to the work place to rest. At that time about 12:30 or so, after the rest of the sudden thought of the previous one to stand to experience the article published to the webmaster network. Http://s.admin5.com/article/20080512/84168.shtml has now been audited. Thank you for your post! I just sat in front of the computer waiting for the audit. From time to time with 4 of our colleagues to chat with 1 friends.

nightmare began around 14 noon, probably did not remember the time when I was sitting in the Office (floor 1) feel the floor shaking, just over the door of the 1 tons of carts. Thought it was the impact of the car, I did not expect more and more shaking, people are sitting instability, see the houses are mostly in the fall of the glass, my first reflection of the earthquake and then quickly call everyone to leave. To escape from the open space. It’s only about 10 seconds. It was a short time when I ran out with 3 people. One is to pull me, never let go. Ran across the tree, 3 seconds after the sudden collapse of our office. At that time, more confusion, there are 2 colleagues do not know where to go, only to hear a few buildings next to pour down. Just a few seconds. The dust has swept the sky. The people on the other side can’t see clearly. Only the feeling of the mouth, nostrils, eyes full of dust, but also to the open space in front of the run is simply too late. One step at a time! Fortunately, the first few buildings did not collapse. Run while avoiding the wires in the sky

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