HTML5 needs at least 5 years to be popular in the hype peak



HTML5 is a distant fantasy, and now the mobile Internet help straw? Since 1995, research firm Gartner released every year for a summary of the different techniques exactly at what stage of the tracking report (a total of 5 stages, details click "truth: NFC technology in the last peak of speculation is going downhill the road"). In this year’s Hype Cycle report, the company pointed out that HTML5 is in a high degree of hype, and to predict the maturity of the HTML5 and the industry still needs 5 to 10 years of popularity. But it is worth mentioning that, developers are learning the new technology, in the short term based on HTML5 applications will increase a lot.


HTML5 is a difficult to predict Web technology, it has a comprehensive impact on the developer community. In fact, due to the rapid development of science and technology industry, in order not to be eliminated, the developer can not wait until the technology is ripe to begin to understand HTML5. Many of them have intentionally or unintentionally accepted the emerging technologies and standards. On the other hand, most developers do not care too much about when HTML5 W3C organization review. W3C is a huge institution that operates like a federal government. Most developers do not refer to the guidance of W3C when building their own applications, and in fact, HTML5 has a lot of features for developers to use.

many Browse Companies are trying to support HTML5 technology. Like Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s IE and FireFox, as well as Dolphin Browser on the technology provides a good support. Facebook is a strong support for HTML5 technology, the Internet giant, he introduced a set of test tools called Ringmark, mainly used to test the compatibility of the browser.

The evolution of

HTML5 has a direct bearing on the compatibility of the browser, and the vague criteria from W3C do not play much role. As more and more developers use HTML5 to build web sites, mobile web pages and applications, HTML5 does not have the same effect on different browsers. This also makes many browser developers to the Facebook Ringmark score as an important unofficial score reference, and to carry out a fierce competition. Currently there is no browser through the Ringmark R2 link on the HTML5 compatibility test. In simple terms, this means that before fully compatible with HTML5 technology, there are many browsers can improve.


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