Overseas Chinese hackers stormed the site called master guard Chinese


admin5 station network with the Olympic Games approaching, various foreign anti china forces began a massive sabotage, and peace Chinese netizens to express their views, but outside hackers, security master station in the hope of obstruction, to unite to help these patriotic patriotic website and forum, Gongduonanguan, guardian the Olympic Games, the protection of China

more than a month, overseas Chinese Anti Tibet and anti western media distortion, in support of the Beijing Olympic Games activities throughout the world. In the face of the contest, activities of the initiator and responder gathers mostly forum of each big Chinese community, the Internet has become an important platform for the integration of Chinese power.

at the same time, the "Tibet independence" elements and foreign forces are also targeting Chinese website. In order to achieve the purpose of destruction, they do not hesitate to launch attacks in various ways.

"red China" site has been tampered with

April 19th, MSN technicians "red China" launched a website I suddenly found some game network, IP address is malicious access server. At the same time, from the website launched on MSN with "red China" signature but two days, already has 7 million users of MSN "across the board".

"that day was not particularly large." Wosaiwang’s manager Chen Huaiyuan told the "International Herald Tribune", malicious access is relatively easy to solve, in addition to the firewall, they changed the service port, and set the IP to restrict access to prevention.

on the second day, a large number of data packets start to server, many users can not be a normal landing, then the web page has been tampered with, "Tibet independence" Snow Lion Flag unexpectedly appeared in the stately home, in addition to some reactionary slogans. This is not a minute to hang, no way, I was forced to close the network server 24 hours, after the replacement of the computer room to return to normal.

According to Chen Huaiyuan

, this is the time of the attack point looks very coincidence: "red Chinese" has just launched two days at the same time, CNN (CNN) the sports channel has been tampered with ". "We can find a part of the real IP (which can do the data returned by IP), most of which come from europe."

compared with Chen Huaiyuan’s troubles, before the newspaper had reported the anti CNN website (anti-cnn.com) attacked, then the other is the "flood attacks", led directly to more than 27 hours of Internet users can not log in. Though the anti CNN website organizers of the attack source remained silent, but users will have already suspect locked in the "Tibet independence" and some western ones.

overseas Chinese website frequently attack

overseas hackers target is not limited to china. Overseas Chinese through the network self-organization unity of action, also attracted a black block.

April 11th, Chinese students in Queensland, Australia

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