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      although the job is busy, but Chen Xuejun immersed, in his own words, this life than he was a man, looked toward on both sides of Ma Yun, Chen Tianqiao, and Akio Morita looked toward the front, Konosuke Matsushita, etc.. To become a leader in the creative platform of the textile industry, is doomed to pay the price, such as workaholic, and for example, only a few hours of sleep, and then talk to their customers for several hours.

Chen Xuejun’s office is bright and spacious, through the glass curtain wall, he can see all the same as he dreamed, and willing to pay for all of the staff, of course, he would rather call them partners. Chen Xuejun is an expert to understand innovation, it is a good story teller. Not ask what will happen, he will emerge in its totality in the story on his body, and his entrepreneurial mind is actually for the elder brothers "".

  "the ‘Social University’ changed me"

 , "I was born in Zhejiang, Ling’an, an ordinary family, because of his father to do the packaging business, so the childhood life is still superior. But when I was in college, my father’s business was in trouble, and the family’s life was hard up." Talking about his past, at home, the eldest brother Chen Xuejun feel a lot. "At that time, I really want to give up their studies, for this reason, my father and I had a big fight, and insisted that I continue to learn, it is natural that I thought of working." In 1991, Chen Xuejun was admitted to the Department of computer science, Zhejiang University of Technology, almost at the same time, the pressure of life began to haunt the somewhat introverted youth. So, PARKnSHOP had such a work 4 days a week, every day on the night shift student workers. Sophomore year, Chen Xuejun found a new business opportunities – selling cigarettes. Of course, his main goal is to live with his students, and tobacco are also root sales.

Chen Xuejun is a former senior high school, he often says "SAP" is the social university changed his character. Before high school I rarely speak, my father did not communicate with me. Due to, in the fourth grade primary school when I had ancient version of the three kingdoms are finished. Work experience makes me gradually open up." Chen Xuejun said that although there was a conflict with his father, but his father is his best partner, rather than a friend. In order to stir up the burden of the family as soon as possible, Chen Xuejun six months after graduation did not like his classmates into the corresponding enterprises, but in his father’s company as a salesman and salesman. "Although at that time I feel very mature, but now it seems to be too tender." Chen Xuejun said his intention is when a family can afford the eldest son responsibility "Dumbo", but his efforts failed.

  "if I have 1 million"

  "the father of the company eventually closed, leaving me is about 1000000 of the debt, to pay me a moment

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