UK shield nearly twenty thousand sites net

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British public rights organization announced last month that they surveyed more than 10 million websites, found the number of shielded network service provider filters site is about 19 thousand, mainly involving pornography, violence, extremism and infringing content network station. This reflects the efforts of the British community to create a sound network environment, but also regulators, the Internet industry and network users to make the choice.

in the last year, the number of British spate caused by Internet child pornography and network violence tragedy, including murder against child sexual abuse, network violence caused minor Dutch act. British society has a collective reflection. In advocating the freedom of expression, the British media, called for strengthening the network regulation become the mainstream view. "The times", "Financial Times" were published in column, called "evil" in cyberspace, purify the network environment.

in 2010 after the formation of the Cameron administration, strengthen network regulation, purification of the network environment has been put on the agenda. That year, the British Prime Minister Cameron commissioned by the charity mother’s Union CEO Reggie Bailey · independent investigation, investigation, influence of pornography network newspapers and magazines and television works in the minors. After 6 months of assessment, the agency released a report that such content is not conducive to the physical and mental health of minors.

Bailey pointed out that regulators should take more responsibility, the Internet, the media should strengthen self-discipline, to create a good environment for the growth of minors. He suggested that the network service provider to provide convenience for parents, so that they have the right to choose the content of the network, the screen is not suitable for children’s content.

London Internet exchange center expert Malcolm · Betty said in an interview that Internet service providers should be given adequate network users the tools and means to free choice and self protection, in order to eliminate those negative, unhealthy network content fundamentally. Cameron has repeatedly called on Internet service providers to take effective action. In July last year, he made a speech in the fight against online pornography, promised to take more restrictive measures, and put pressure on Internet companies to prevent the spread of pornographic content. According to Xinhua News Agency

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