Baidu Zhu since the media can thousand in Baidu

Baidu vice president Zhu Guang

sina science and technology news November 19th morning news, the first World Internet Conference opened today in Zhejiang, Wuzhen, the general assembly for a period of three days to interoperability, sharing common governance as the theme. From more than and 100 countries, thousands of political leaders and the Internet heavyweights will here discuss under the background of globalization and the future trend of the development of the internet.

on the morning of 19 "new media new ecological forum, Baidu vice president Zhu Guang said in a speech, now a media here how much revenue? Basically the average income of a month to 10 thousand dollars, more diligent reporter a month to 30 thousand income. I think this is still more attractive technology, Baidu with his technology can make self media reporters have a very good cooperation. (munan)

The following is

Zhu speech record:

Hello everyone, today to share with you some of our new media thinking. Baidu is a technology company that now has approximately 45 thousand employees, more than half of all engineers, so Baidu new media is the best technology, even if we have our news products, but there is no editorial basically, mainly rely on technology to provide news and media services.


the other day and some young friends, even now we spend a lot of energy to do the news client a lot of people do not open or open, the frequency is very low, probably through social channels, may accept the news information through some other convenient channels, but no longer as in the past in a fixed position with a fixed reading habits to get news, so news media access, how to play its influence on us more and more challenges. The mobile Internet era has brought us a lot of opportunities, so many pieces of the time, we may be past the time on the Internet in the mobile era than in the PC era, long a lot, but on the contrary, some traditional media will continue to decline in reading, how to grasp this opportunity.

for example in the case of Baidu, Baidu itself does not produce news, but we search technology through aggregation of global news, we every day more than 400 thousand news aggregation, a person is very difficult to see so many news, how do we put these from around the world all kinds of information can be sorted out, can provide users. This is a very big challenge in technology.

so the past two or three years ago, we began to study this issue, I would like to see only the news of these 400 thousand I care about, so thousands of people face personalized news is a concept of our development. Including all of us here today, the world’s Internet Conference in Wuzhen today, everyone is different, this event may be different people want to see the news is not the same. Because today’s report on the conference is very full, but we just want to see our news, so we are to provide everyone with different news, according to your own interests,

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