Biography VANCL was fourth round of ten million U.S. dollars over $1 billion valuation of financing

August 2008, VANCL completed the third round of $30 million investment. This investment led by Qiming venture investment, LIAN IDG, ceyuan, Saif with the vote. VANCL first round of investment from the beginning of creation, investors including LIAN sources, IDG investment company and two old, Lei Jun, founder of. In the second round of investment in the first round of the IDG VC, LIAN ceyuan, increased saif. It is reported that the first two rounds of investment funds of more than $10 million.


financing has been settled, but may also not arrival." Sources said, after the completion of the third round of financing, VANCL internal valuation of about $900 million, after the completion of the valuation of the fourth round of financing has more than $1 billion."

IT then call the Sohu in the old age, slightly hesitant after denying VANCL is working and financing, said "we didn’t do such a thing (financing)".


founder Lei Jun of Sohu IT said the financing topic should ask VANCL. When that had been asked to old jokes or not speech, Lei Jun is good.

sources are expected to finance official news may be announced in the near future, the current investor has not yet surfaced.

Zhong Kaixin, deputy general manager of

VANCL had said in August 2008, when the monthly sales have reached more than 60 million yuan, of which 70% of the contribution from the network sales. VANCL announced in June that year has achieved a single monthly profit. The industry is expected after the fourth round of financing, VANCL will start the listing process.

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