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2008 is an eventful year, snowstorms, earthquakes, financial storm has cast a shadow over the hearts of the people. The weight of the spirit, once again let us see the backbone of the Chinese nation Zhongzhicheng sincere and strong, the economic panic, many enterprises have to carefully consider the survival and development of enterprises. Affected by the economic environment, many enterprises are facing severe challenges, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise is more difficult, how to spend the winter economy is the main problem that every enterprise agonizing.

enterprises how smooth winter? How to develop? How to reduce operating costs? These serious problems are clearly placed in front of our small business owners. At this critical moment, a ringing phone rang, the search industry Chinese into our field of vision, it brings us a string and a string of surprises, another exciting.


know search

in the age of the Internet era, how to make the enterprise out of the trouble, let more customers to accept, do network marketing first, but many enterprises trapped in the not good website construction, website promotion, not to mention the business to earn profits through the website.

search leader clearly see this point, many years of painstaking research and achievements in brewing the glorious moment coming, more numerous small and medium-sized enterprises to bring the gospel, brings hope. Rely on the concept of innovative micro technology and vertical industry segments, the enterprise into the network marketing of the blue ocean". Billion net new e-commerce platform and the "Taurus action", to prove that the search can help enterprises in the financial crisis, the major problem of enterprise marketing, through the crisis of winter, the enterprise can unique open Internet technology and e-commerce services provided by using search to build independent enterprise website, network marketing platform, and even build a network the operating platform, earn more profits through network management; enterprises can reduce the cost of marketing, achieved high growth and high return business efficiency.

so we can say that the search is to meet margin, the search is to know, and in search of peers is a blessing!

three, Chinese men’s portal under the golden light shell

August autumn day morning, the office was a ringing phone ringing, coming from the other side "Hello, I am in the industry Chinese". For this reason, the industry is more concerned about China at that time, because we have been engaged in the promotion of the network business, the rapid development of China’s industry and the form of cooperation is the place we are interested in. Our company has been engaged in related businesses, but trapped in their own unique resources, and many problems have been plagued by the external cooperation. If you can grasp the establishment of a rapid development of the network platform, easier said than done? Technology, personnel, capital, promotion is a big problem.

Further contact with the search by

personnel, through their cooperation, business philosophy, unique "micro" technology, service support team.

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