AdsenseforMobile launched Google online palm grasp hl=zh_CN today, suddenly saw AdSense for Mobile showcase targeted Google ads, release your mobile website revenue potential.

      so that I can not help but think of the Google AdSense has been added to our page advertising diversity, and is associated with the industry, this is rare in the current domestic online advertising industry. Google AdSense Commissioner warm and responsible service allows us to feel the level of an international company, I believe that our cooperation will continue to develop healthily.



      Google AdSense policy allows only one ad unit to be placed on any mobile web page. The advertising unit contains one or two text advertisements. These ads are based on the content of the positioning technology, for your mobile web content positioning.

      you can customize the mobile ads according to the needs of their own mobile web. Use the following options to specify the size, style, etc..

      Google Adsense for Mobile launched Google Adwords, can not help more customers to show the targeted Google advertising, and mobile website also released for the maximum revenue potential, but also gave us has been trying to get more income owners a diversified profit channels from Google Adsense.


      hope that the webmaster friends after reading this article, immediately landed Google Adsense management background, personally experience, also welcomed the various webmaster friends, if you don’t mind, please put the Google Adsense for Mobile site address list, let more people to share the Google Adsense for Mobile convenience, let us first look at different sites show different styles Mobile Adsense Google for, provides a valuable reference to the webmaster friends.

      I’m (Dalian classified information network) webmaster, advocate "the attack, universal love", hope and you are watching this article webmaster friends each other in the road to success.

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