Baidu post bar and space to promote the promotion of some of the findings

wrote in front of a blog and forum to promote the sharing of experience, has been adhering to the promotion of the blog and the forum to do, mainly Baidu space and paste it. The day before yesterday to do Baidu space when the discovery of a pleasant situation, first posted a few figure out:






is the first Baidu space in an article, the article is copy over, almost no change, time is 2010-10-15,11:36, after the publication is not immediately included.

second is Baidu Post Bar sent the article, just put a few words, not what the article, then added a long Baidu blog address, not only has not been deleted, and immediately be included. Note the time of publication: 2010-10-16, 15:23

third is Baidu blog address input search results, the front is a result of second images corresponding to the Post Bar article, after as a result of the article is the first picture corresponding to the Baidu space. The two search result is a snapshot of the time is 2010-10-16, almost simultaneously included. Stick in this post, immediately after the search out the results, the results can be seen included how fast.

Baidu Post Bar with Baidu promotion space is the perfect combination of the Baidu space plus external links is no problem (of course not naked advertising, that is likely to be blocked Baidu account, Baidu Post Bar) is generally not allowed to appear external links, but Baidu space link is deleted the probability is low. Space included slower, post bar included faster, with the post bar to drive the space included, with the post bar to promote the improvement of the space, so that the advantages of complementary. This article is provided by, please indicate the source.

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