The current situation of the banking sector electricity supplier users rarely reach the desired effe

bank self business platform has gradually become chicken ribs

last week, the industrial bank credit card is a "closed notice" on the official website for the emerging banking business Doutou poured a pot of cold water, said the adjustment is because industrial bank credit card online mall business model has limited, difficult to reach the expected effect. This allows the industry to start thinking: the establishment of cross-border electricity supplier online shopping platform, whether it just looks beautiful,


bank online mall embarrassing situation

at present, banking business similar to industrial bank credit card online mall and a few, such as China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, Guangdong Development Bank credit card are in its official website home page prominently set up online shopping links. However, unlike the Jingdong, Taobao and other online shopping platform, the banks only recognize their customers online mall. For example, China Merchants Bank online mall only allows merchants bank credit card customers and card customers shopping here. In addition, in addition to big business platform, most credit card issuers are not allowing customers to apply for a credit card online payment in the small business platform, but in the bank online mall, almost all of the price of goods is to hire the price marked, and support customers to buy the use of loans. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Guangdong Development Bank online mall not only support the credit card installment, but also introduced a buy, buy and other popular shopping, to provide customers with a more favorable price.

Although the

bank online mall shopping experience with ordinary commercial not what difference, even in the payment of customers have a certain appeal, but embarrassing is that the user bank online mall scanty. In order to carry out the business of the earlier bank as an example, the online mall cross Bo "in many commodity trading records show no column records". China Merchants Bank recently launched online shopping mall most commodity turnover rate of only 35, some buy and buy goods in time limit is only more than and 30 single.

in fact, the industrial bank closed online mall is not the first case to pour cold water on the credit card online mall model case. In June this year, was known as "the best business model Chinese" credit card shopping platform "and" shopping suddenly filed for bankruptcy, spread the banks credit card online shopping mall. In fact, shopping and business model is very simple, is through cooperation with the bank, installment sales using bank credit card users engaged in massive data products.


bank do online shopping without competitive advantage

can be seen from the above interview with reporters, the bank does not have a competitive advantage through its own online store selling ordinary goods. As the industrial bank closed its credit card online mall reason said: "the traditional credit card online payment mall is relying on Bank of tens of millions of customer data, but because of its business model influenced by mall scale, characteristic and other factors, the effect may not be.

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