Adsense network broadcast Bash vulnerability than the heart bleeding greater Site traffic increased

1 newly discovered Bash software security vulnerabilities fear than heart bleeding greater  

Beijing time on September 25th, according to Reuters, experts warned on Wednesday that they have found a new security vulnerabilities in the widely used Linux software Bash. The vulnerability may pose a greater threat to computer users than in April this year, the discovery of bleeding heart (Heartbleed) vulnerability.

Bash is a software that is used to control the number of Linux on the computer command prompt. Security experts say hackers can exploit the vulnerabilities in Bash to completely control the target system.

under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) issued a warning that Bash vulnerabilities will affect the operating system based on the Unix platform, including Linux and Mac OS X. US-CERT recommends that computer users get system updates from software developers. US-CERT said, including red hat, including the Linux system provider is ready to update the patch, but did not mention whether the OS X to provide system updates. An apple spokesman couldn’t get in touch.

2 Nora checked the server Tibet tens of thousands of pornographic video company with annual sales of 180 million yuan  

reporter yesterday learned from the Ministry of public security, one of the key cases of this network anti vice action Shenzhen Nora Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "company") alleged dissemination of pornographic materials case, recently by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Haidian branch shall be transferred to the procuratorial organs of investigation and prosecution.

5 main suspects arrested

it is understood that Nora legal representative and general manager of the company, Nora founder Wang Xin and other 5 major suspects were arrested.

The transfer of

in April this year, the public security organs and the relevant departments received a report clues, the Ministry attaches great importance to supervise the handling, the deployment of Beijing, Guangdong and other places of public security organs unified action, seized a number of servers, computer and other tools involved, has arrested Wu, a cow, more than 10 people involved. After the incident, Wang Xin fled to abroad. The Ministry of public security coordination Interpol issued a red bulletin, in early August, Wang Xin was arrested and escorted to return home in korea.

3 Himalaya founder readme: a year and a half to get a network of 70 million users to subvert the radio broadcasting industry  

November 2012, Himalaya radio online. 2013 February, launched IOS client.

At the time

team is not optimistic about the audio field under the condition of CO CEO Yu Jianjun restructuring team, and in the network and traditional radio anchor DJ seed user driven, user quantity rapid increase, a year and a half of the total number of users has.

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