From the end of O2O shady, a huge gray income to deceive

(travel, taxi drops drops) hungry and clusters of O2O platform have been taken over by the public eat to live, the success of these companies are O2O industry benchmarking enterprises, just a few years the rapid growth of the unicorn company, the market value of billions of dollars of "easy"; however there are many companies in order to find the user "anxious like ants on a hot pan.

there is no doubt that the user is O2O enterprises Yisifumu, many companies are relying on the hundreds of hundreds of millions of active users to attract external financing, on the surface looks very beautiful, but in fact, if the deviation would like a chronic poison, let many practitioners from deeper, and then touch the bottom line of business.

O2O enterprise

discovered corruption

if the O2O industry has It is quite common for scalping landing process, then the implementation of "Deviation" is the individual enterprises almost not linen cupboard.

recently, some people in the gossip a large O2O company suddenly set off a wave of large-scale personnel changes, online and offline promotion personnel regardless of grade were affected, some of these employees is the internal job transfer, even some jobs, directly replaced. The end result is that the line promotion team was cleaned up There is not much left. why executives,? Only two reasons, either become a stumbling block in the company, or is in the so-called "".

in fact, this is the company personnel changes but O2O, homely food, business online and offline channels are always together, complement each other, so the service, so is the promotion. Promotion of executives of the company did not follow the rules, which caused the industry’s curiosity, that it will be wrong, in line with the spirit of the industry began to gossip, there have been many guesses, all say, some say that the internal cleaning investment strategy, also said more entrepreneurial infighting, pessimism that O2O came in the winter.

the truth as mentioned above


according to the company’s internal staff revealed that behind the change is in fact the promotion department is responsible for driving, core lies back line promotion personnel, by the company under the line promotion subsidies, and performance indicators for money substitution for online purchases "zombie users". This led directly to the company’s long-term presence of channels under the vacancy, while the amount of users has accelerated growth, of course, the daily activity is the contrary, accelerated decline. The initial stage, operations team also according to conventional caliber to explain, more later, feeling increasingly made a scapegoat to inexplicable.


managers do this, just the interests of driving it?

here involves a O2O problem: the software distribution industry dimensions, the promotion of the ground environment is complex, the initial conversion rate is low, the user access to the high cost, to accelerate the bigger the channel line is more difficult at the same time, due to the acceleration of imagination is limited, is not optimistic about the capital market. In this regard, the promotion staff to complete the target, most will vote >

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