Network information office special investigation ghost people reported the highest prize 50 thousand


Times reporter yesterday from the national Internet Information Office learned that the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, the State Press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, and strive to use about half of the time, to make the network space completely clear up.

will release a number of sites and social accounts

, director of the national network information office network extortion and paid posts "special rectification coordination group leader Lu Wei pointed out that this will carry out special rectification work, the person first clear position has the positive wind Su Ji, to clean up the attitude firmly and effectively prevent the black light, with strong determination and wrist take their surgery, follow the blacksmith needs its own hardware" belief, strengthen team construction, and strive to build a loyal, dedicated, hard iron Internet management.

According to the

net letter office of the person in charge, the network paid delete posts extortion and serious violation of laws and regulations, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, damage to the network communication order, damage the network management and network media image, disrupting the market economic order, has become the economic and social healthy development of "cancer" and "network space haze". The special rectification will play an online annihilation, closing a number of illegal websites and social media accounts, clean up and rectify a number of violations of local channels, investigated a number of illegal public relations companies and intermediaries, to punish a number of criminal gangs and criminals according to law, to remove network extortion and delete posts paid the network pollution.

network management status of individual cadres as an evil member of the herd

Network Information Office Deputy Director Peng Bo said at the press conference, the current network paid delete posts extortion and illegal activities are mainly embodied in the following aspects: one is the legitimate site of chaos, by carrying out critical reports of threat involved local government agencies and enterprises, for promotional fee "sponsorship fee" cooperation fee, industry "unspoken rule" has become the local channel this is a particular problem. Two is the illegal website fraud, the number of fraudulent use of the central state organs or social organization name, secretly opened with China "and" state "as the name of false website, or privately run" folk "anti-corruption activist website, under the banner of" public opinion "and" complaints "rights" muckraking "banner, to blackmail and impose exactions on the the local party and government organs, enterprises and individuals. The three is the rampant illegal public relations on the Internet, some legally registered advertising companies, company culture, company planning, actual business has paid delete posts and other illegal operations, through a variety of ways or some one-sided enlarged press releases out of thin air hype, forcing the parties involved to various conditions, then by means of bribery delete posts the opportunity to make huge illegal profits. The four is the Internet to the competent authorities of individual cadres embezzlement, some cadres in the face of temptation matter lost, collusion, participate in online extortion and paid Posts illegal activities, causing adverse effects.

Peng Bo said that some cadres have been found inside and outside collusion, participate in the network delete posts activities, the Internet management team is generally strong

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