NetEase, the Sohu enter the baby mall official domain name who

renamed China ( September 9th news, along with the expansion of maternal and child supplies market, have a keen sense of "maternal and child supplies businesses are no longer satisfied only in the line of the market, early on the electronic mall at the same time, look at fiercely as a tiger does for a long time, along with the rise in maternal and child class domain name domain name market, famous mother site (, red child shopping malls maternal family ( and other maternal and child are using the colorful mall, a variety of domain name. So, in the 50 mother and child website rankings, the major businesses are using what kind of domain name, and let us one by one analysis.

domain name: "Mom" occupies a space for one person a superb collection of beautiful things

is worth mentioning, a combination of domain names, domain name "mother" when the mother can not be overlooked, such as Guangzhou (, Beijing (, mother mother Tianjin ( and other 6 maternal sites are enabled "Mom" combination of domain name, the 6 baby mall are Guangzhou Sheng Cheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. under the brand, the company opened the official domain name is baby mall ranking first 50 Pinyin domain name This series of domain name is easy to understand, and the brand image is appropriate, is very conducive to the promotion of corporate awareness.

in 2009, the Pacific parent network enabled the official website domain name, is now visiting the original domain name, jump directly to the official website domain name. According to Alexa website ranking query, combination of domain PR value reached 7, which shows the site by the user favorite.

in addition, the children’s favorite Children’s Day has become one of the important factors of the domain name by businessmen, so the 61 digit combination has aroused attention and using the domain name, and many businesses are using this type of domain name, such as the 61 baby network ( (, 61 Children. Children flash net ( and other 5 children this is maternal website, family Yu Xiao, has a unique, potential value is immeasurable.

in the 50 maternal website rankings, using a combination of domain name online mall maternal 26, including Parenting Network (, ya ya (, pro Po network ( and maternal website, although the combination of domain name is more complex, but as "mother, 61 types of domain name to the role, also adds a color.

corporate brand and the value of the combined value of the Pinyin domain will rise

mother network was founded in 2007, is a professional China mother portal, has enabled Shuangpin domain name, and its mother (gzma> site in Guangzhou

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