The Cn domain name of the new regulations, CNNC mercy

CNNIC way, there has been a lot of controversy, to complete control of the CN domain name, arbitrary price to finish the task as if like, every time the CNNIC decided to China Internet, especially the impact of many small owners, as a registered domain name CN yuan, directly change the development of Chinese SEO, garbage a large number of generating station and caused the search engine algorithm change behavior.

after CNNIC did not transfer to the domain name made mandatory, had caused some difficulties from the Registrar or limit the roll out situation. This situation, once became a domain name registrar and a large number of small and medium-sized confrontation between the fundamental, and the source of such a problem, it is precisely because of the authority of the domain name authority CNNIC due to unclear responsibilities and lead to.

news: before the CNNIC has issued a notice to the Registrar, as long as the domain name registered in the 60 days after the domain name before the expiration of 15 days, and there is no arrears or other dispute, the domain name holder can freely change registration services. And after receiving the application for registration, the Registrar must be in three working days to provide the transfer password, otherwise CNNIC can directly change the relevant information, transferred out of the party shall not charge any fees.

such a provision, make originally chaotic domain name service slightly the bit to protect the interests of consumers, seemingly legal, but too late.

CNNIC hope that this behavior is not occasional kindness, but the owners interests in the first place, after all, is the backbone of the consumer domain, just to please the domain registrar is of no significance, only the consumer market will control effective and orderly management, in order to make the domain name and domain name trading development on track.

and the future development of regulations can best be perfect after vigorously launched, not a small problem without considering, will make a lot of profiteers to find loopholes, and earn a small owners and enterprises of the hard-earned money, damage the interests of the Internet only Chinese.

in addition to the above, if CNNIC can only listen to advice, or to take into account the effective implementation of the new regulations of the domain name, not the thunder does not rain.

+ is the policy implementation, effective protection of China Internet development, by all the meetings and discussions is of no significance, do not count on the kindness of official institutions can change the disadvantages of the domestic network, such as CNNIC bureaucrats if you really want to solve practical problems, should be more to the grassroots and understand the pain and joy of small owners, so that the policy to be more convincing.

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