Thousand Oaks company acquired Dragonfly Larry domain or push micro-blog website

According to the "

China news November 17th, 1000 rubber company in October from the domestic domain name investors bought Dragonfly Pinyin domain name, the trading price of up to 6 digits RMB, at present, as the domain name Dragonfly launched, the site is under construction.


access to the domain name, website middlephoto Dragonfly words, and marked "recorded live tracks, sharing the light stop fun", text from the current situation, Thousand Oaks network may launch micro-blog social website. Just yesterday, Sina micro-blog officially announced as micro-blog will enable Shuangpin domain name.


said, "happy net" Thousand Oaks stop words, domain jump, will shift the focus of the, Thousand Oaks again launched the "Dragonfly" website, or based on on the social networking site upgrade mode.

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